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glad to have amy robach here and paula faris. hey, robin. how are you? 48 hours now. until that 4:00 a.m. alarm means business. robin roberts back in just two days. looking forward to it. a lot of big headlines for you this morning. gas prices up almost 50 cents a gallon in the last month alone. and we're going to have the latest on oscar pistorius. it's the fifth day in jail for the olympic hero. as he focuses on defending himself against the charges he intentionally murdered his model girlfriend. there are some explosive new details that challenge his explanation for her death. and danica patrick, the first woman to ever take the pole position for the daytona 500. so, she'll be first onto the racetrack next sunday. we'll hear from her. and all of that is just ahead. >> indeed, it is. we can only hope, however, they have a bit warmer temps
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than i had in florida this weekend, sam champion, this frigid blast went from the northeast all the way down to central florida. >> you were not alone. and a lot of folks got another big hit of snow. two over the weekend. let's walk over to the wall. a lot of facebook and twitter pictures coming in over the weekend. that from huntersville, north carolina. just a good white covering of snow. for that outer banks area. and all the way up, kind of skipped the new york city area but really pounded from boston to hyannisport pretty heavily. a good hit of snow. this storm, in some way was almost as powerful as the blizzardmaker. boston comes in with five inches of snow. up to 10 inches of snow in some locations there. the cold air dragging in behind. 12 below in saranac lake.
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new york city n the single digits this morning. the wind chills are brutally cold this morning. one more snowmaker we'll watch develop. north dakota on into minnesota. with the blizzard warning conditions this morning. but it's february, and every bit of it. josh? >> thank you, sam. paula faris, now, here with the top stories. everyone is wondering what in the world is going on at the pump these days. we begin with something we all need that is getting a whole lot more expensive. the experts are not sure why. of course, we're talking gasoline. a new report finds that gasoline prices have skyrocketed by 42 cents a gallon in just the last month, much of that increase in the last few days. abc's linzie janis, our newest correspondent in the house. welcome to our functional family here at abc news. >> thanks, guys. it's very good to be here. believe it or not, some drivers now are paying more than $5 a gallon for gas.
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that's in california. in every corner of the country, prices are skyrocketing. the average price, $3.71 a gallon. that's a record for this time of year. up 13 cents in the last week. the big question is, why? analysts say it's because of rising oil prices. they're not exactly sure why the cost of oil has spiked so quickly. some are blaming rising demand overseas. others blame refinery maintenance or speculators on wall street. either way, there's no end in sight. when the warmer weather comes this spring and american families hit the road, prices could rise another 40 to 60 cents per gallon, that's a major hit for the family budget, paula. >> we don't like you to be the bearer of bad news. we're still welcoming you to the family, linzie. new health concerns for pope benedict. a german journalist who recently interviewed the pope said he appeared to be blind in one eye and had trouble hearing. his body so thin that tailors
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had trouble fitting his clothes. he is stepping down next week. and police in chicago have arrested two people in connection with the city's latest case of senseless street violence. 18-year-old jennae mcfarland was shot in the head on the same day that her little sister sat on stage behind president obama during a speech on gun violence. police believe she was gunned down because the shooter thought she was somewhere else. and this morning, the white house is denying it leaked a draft of the president's immigration plan. a leak republicans are calling counterproductive. the draft calls for an eight-year waiting period to get a green card. the white house says that the president was not trying to undermine the compromise bill. meantime, this was about the closest that the media got to the weekend golf play of president obama and tiger woods. there was a formal protest from white house correspondents.
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and in russia, scientists have confirmed that shards of rock found in a frozen lake are from friday's meteor hit. the meteor was traveling 46,000 miles per hour when it crashed, that's pretty quick, causing an estimated $33 million in damage. so many windows were shattered, the broken glass could cover 40 football fields. is that about 4,000 yards there? and this got plenty of attention in florida. police were swamped with reports of a fireball in the sky. look at that. but it was only part of a meteor shower. orionid? is that right? >> right. >> sam and i went back and forth. >> thank you, paula and sam. now to the news overnight of country music star mindy mccready, dead at 37. from an apparent suicide. the singer had been going through a period of real turmoil, substance abuse, rehab, and most recently the death of her boyfriend. abc's chris connelly has the
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story now of the woman with so much lost promise. ♪ i do it all the time >> reporter: years ago, long before her portrayal of a hungover party girl would seem ironic, mindy mccready was a fresh-faced 20-year-old from florida. her "guys do it all the time" became a hit in 1996. ♪ i had some drinks with the girls guys do it all the time ♪ >> reporter: her bright promised still shined through the '90s. her debut cd went double platinum. the radiance of the smile would fade, as alcohol and drug dependency seized her life. >> there were four suicide attempts, at least three trips to rehab, several arrests. her career was derailed because her personal life was so chaotic. >> reporter: she spoke openly on "the view" in 2010.
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>> when there would be some kind of crisis or some kind of painful thing happened to me, it was readily available to go and drink too much. >> reporter: reality tv chronicled her struggle to get clean. when she sat down with abc news late in 2011, mccready was hoping that she had turned a corner. >> i grew up in a really difficult way. i'm very proud that i've made it this far and that i understand why i've made the bad choices i've made. and how not to make them in the future. >> reporter: yet on sunday afternoon, mindy mccready was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. she leaves behind two young sons, and unsullied memories of a hopeful young singer who once dreamed of having it all. mindy mccready was 37 years old. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, chris.
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we bring in dan abrams. a troubled individual here had dealt with numerous legal issues over her life. most recently, the questions around the death of her then boyfriend. what now to make about it? >> initially, that was deemed to be a suicide. and then the authorities said, wait a second, there are too many questions here, we want to continue that. i don't think this is going to change that. i think they are still going to want answers to know what happened, how it happened. this may kick it into further gear as the authorities try to get some of the questions answered. >> she also dealt with addiction for most of her adult life. her children actually put into foster care a month ago when she was placed into court-ordered rehab. so now -- what becomes of them? >> the last time we talked about this on the show, she had actually taken one of the children out of state against a court order. the question there was, how do they get her back? she eventually gave up both children when she went into this court-ordered addiction program.
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and now, what happens to these kids. the father of the older child lost custody after he allegedly tried to kill her. so there's all sorts of family problems here. i would expect that the father of zander, the older child, will now try to get custody back. and the question is, is he going to also ask for custody of zayne, 10 months old as well? >> wow, a sad end. thanks, dan. now to the nightmare journey of the carnival cruise ship "triumph." that may be over, but the company is facing the first wave of lawsuits. passengers already filing complaints against the cruise lines. abc's gio benitez has been tracking the latest. >> this morning, two lawsuits have already been filed. and experts say more will be on the way after that ship lost power. the woman you're about to meet, lisa williams, says she was physically injured during her eight-day saga at sea.
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>> when your gut tells you that it's possible you're not going to survive this event, that shouldn't be allowed to exist. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, the houston resident tells abc news that she became dehydrated on the ship and spent the weekend in and out of urgent care centers getting i.v. drips. >> nobody offered me additional water. and i was not about to drink water coming out of the ship. >> reporter: her $75,000 lawsuit is the first to focus almost entirely on bodily injuries. from the so-called "cruise from hell." >> she thought this luxury cruise turned into the "titanic." it seemed that nobody was in control. and that the passengers were pretty much left in the dark. >> reporter: she says the pictures tell the story. more than 3,000 passengers forced to move their beds outside, wait hours for food, and dodge sewage they say was all over the boat. williams says the chaos left her battered and bruised. >> i wanted to go and lay in the sun. i didn't expect to come home in the situation i was in. i don't think that's fair.
7:11 am
>> reporter: so, what does the fine print say? the ticket contracts states the company is not liable for mental distress. but physical injuries are another story. carnival's reputation may be already paying a price. >> you guys think you might have it bad, but do you have it worse than 4,000 stranded on a nightmare cruise? that is about us. >> reporter: "snl" taking the company to task over the weekend. but williams is not laughing. >> my only concern is that this doesn't occur ever again. so they never have another ship that has a similar experience. >> reporter: we did reach out to carnival. we're told the company had not yet seen this latest lawsuit. much more to come. >> yeah, this is just the beginning, gio.
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thank you. turning to the latest on the shocking story of an idaho man now facing a federal charge for allegedly slapping a toddler on an airline flight. abc's john muller spoke with the child's mother and joins us now. good morning, john. >> reporter: anyone that's ever flown knows about crying babies. it certainly takes some patience. this case boggles the mind. a mother speaking out about the stranger accused of the unthinkable, calling an innocent toddler, in pain, a horrible racial slur and then hitting him. >> jonah started crying because the plane was going down. >> reporter: a choked-up jessica bennett reliving her pain. when a passenger on the plane allegedly called her 19-month-old son, jonah, the "n" word and then slapped him. >> the guy looked at me, and said [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the fbi say this is the guy, joe hundley, now charged with assaulting a minor. it all went down just over a week ago on a delta flight from minneapolis to atlanta.
7:13 am
in row 28 of the plane. jessica and jonah had the aisle seat. hundley, the window. >> and he put his mouth into my ear and said it again. i had to push his face way from me, and i screamed. this caused a commotion with the other passengers. because they got worried and stood up and wanted to intervene. at that point is when he hit my child. >> reporter: jonah suffered cuts and bruises to his face. and while his mom says he's doing better, she says he's become mistrustful of strangers. >> he knows that a stranger hit him. he's aware of that. he's very leery of strangers now. >> reporter: this is not the first run-in with the law for hundley. who's being charged with assault. last year, he was arrested for a dui in idaho. his employer, agc aerospace and defense says he's no longer with the company. the statement doesn't specify whether he quit or was fired. dad wasn't on the plane. he said that was probably a good thing.
7:14 am
>> i can tell you, without question, had i seen anybody assault my child, that i would take physical action and incapacitate them. >> reporter: now, in court documents, a witness backs up the story saying he saw the child get hit. hundley could face a year in jail if convicted. his attorney says, hopefully the situation can be resolved. no one should rush to judgment. interesting. amy. josh. >> thank you so much. we're going to turn now to race car driver danica patrick making history when she took the pole for the daytona 500. that means she'll be first onto the track next weekend in what is known as the super bowl of racing. jeff gordon saying he was the fastest guy on the track sunday. but for once, that wasn't enough. take a look now at danica patrick, fastest of them all. what you're watching is 196.434 miles of speed and history. >> danica runs the same line. >> reporter: she cemented her
7:15 am
place on the pole and in the history books. in a sport, until now, completely dominated by men. her first-place finish in sunday qualifying now gives her the lead position at next week's 500, known as the super bowl of nascar. >> if you're going to start anywhere, especially at a big superspeedway like this, you hope it's on the front. >> reporter: she bested the speedway's best, three-time winner jeff gordon, by a narrow margin. the significance of her finish was not lost. >> it's about as much exposure as this sport could get. >> reporter: it's the same type of exposure patrick's been bringing since this 2008 indycar victory in japan. since switching to nascar full-time in 2012, she's yet to win a race. leaving some critics to say she spent her time capitalizing on
7:16 am
being racy. >> is this heaven? >> no, this is. >> reporter: instead of focusing her time on racing. >> if she were to win the race, that would silence ever critic. >> i'm going to do everything i can to prepare. for sunday's daytona 500. so i can keep the car up front as often as possible. >> reporter: based on her performance on sunday, it looks like that may be what she'll do. >> if she wins the daytona 500, she'll be instantly the most famous female athlete on earth. >> and that is what she has left to do now, win the race. >> it's a lot of pressure. >> indeed it is. jeff gordon tweeted even his 5-year-old wanted a picture with danica. there it is. danica and the gordon family. she hopes to be champion come sunday's end. a great story. >> go, danica! >> sammy, there's a lot of pink and purple cold on the board. >> let's say you were one sam champion on twitter getting
7:17 am
harassed by one josh elliott on twitter. it happened. orlando wakes up at 35 degrees this morning. normally, you should be about 53. this is the first big push of cold air. last winter, we had several. miami, 47 yesterday. 49 today. this is the real cold push. jacksonville, 25 degrees. into the west today, brand-new stormmaker that will bring rain, snow, gusty winds. everybody out west, a lovely pattern of weather, that's about to shift. quick look at the big board. just for you. now you can see the whole thing.
7:18 am
>> those cities on the weather board are brought to you by big lots. we'll have more on america's weather on what some people say
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is a holiday. coming up, the latest on oscar pistorius. family and friends insisting the olympic hero is not guilty in the death of his model girlfriend. and a new claim he may have been using steroids. and get ready to meet the shark whisperer. also coming up, leann rimes this day calls you.
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eee the driver of a stolen s.u.v. is dead and two passengers in police custody. after midnight he tried to run over an officer on the side road and drove off. during the chase the driver turned off the lights several time in an effort to he lewd police but the driver lost control of the vehicle which went down a ravine near blossom hill road. sue is following that and the morning commute. >> that is cleared up. we have a couple of late breaking things, first reports of an accident in hayward, northbound 880, with no further delays. we will check with c.h.p. and stall right lane at north 17, and westbound 980 new location for a car fire from the c.h.p. eric in. >> when we come
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>> we are here with temperatures, walnut creek is 46 and san leandro and pleasant done is 47, and petaluma is 32 and thick fog up north so be careful around novato a couple hundred feet visibility. now, what will happen today. temperatures are going to be below average, mid-to-upper 50's with pockets of sunshine and low-to-mid 50's along the coast. the seven-day outlook show a few the seven-day outlook show a few stray showers tomorrow morning [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email
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right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. oh, wow. >> yeah, i don't know. i can't -- >> that music is never good. >> she's swimming willingly with great white sharks. it's almost all you need to say. why on earth -- >> she's touching a great white shark. wow. >> somebody, no sea rescues of yet. we still have some broadcast to get to. we'll have that story, a remarkable story. she'll tell us why she does that. as we all get set to welcome robin roberts back. that audience out there in this
7:29 am
weather, that is the spirit award. >> sam's our champion, too. >> welcome to you. good morning to you, america. again, we're two, two, two days to robin roberts' return. hope you're enjoying it there, robin. great to have amy robach and paula faris with us this morning. >> thank you so much. and coming up this morning, we're going to have the latest on oscar pistorius, charged with the death of his model girlfriend. the claims right now he may have been using steroids. and the new details that challenge his explanation of her death. then we ask, why is leann rimes suing her dentist right now? also, the brand-new video of jay-z and beyonce's beautiful baby girl blue ivy. >> she is beautiful. but first, let's get to the latest on oscar pistorius. the olympic hero accused of murder.
7:30 am
abc's bazi kanani is in pretoria, south africa, with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. as oscar pistorius spends his fifth day in jail, officials are leaking information to the media, including new claims that he may have been using steroids. for this man, the battle has never been this tough. oscar pistorius, known as the blade runner, will no longer be running races. his agent saying sunday night all of the track star's future events have been canceled, as he focuses on defending himself against charges he murdered his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp, on valentine's day. overnight, pistorius' father quoted as saying his countrymen are destroying a national icon. we build people up into heroes, who overcome immense challenges, only to take great glee in breaking them down. pistorius' family and friends insist he's not guilty.
7:31 am
>> no doubt, no substance for the allegations. >> reporter: his best friend telling reporters a distraught pistorius called him just before 4:00 a.m. to say there's been a terrible accident. i shot reeva. those closest to the star say he mistook her for an intruder. but new details are casting doubt on that explanation. while people refused to comment to abc news on the claims, one respected local newspaper, "the city press" reports multiple police sources say a bloody cricket bat will be a key piece of evidence, possibly used in a violent argument before the shooting. that steenkamp was wearing a nightgown and her overnight bag was found at the house. that pistorius may have first shot steenkamp in the bedroom and she went to the bathroom, where she was shot three more times through the door. these shocking new claims come just a day of a premiere of a
7:32 am
reality show, cently taped, contained a special tribute and her haunting last words recorded for the series. >> the way you grow up is so important. it can make an impact in a positive way or a negative way. i'm going to miss you all so much. i love you very, very much. >> and our thanks to bazi kanani from south africa. for more now, we're joined by "gma" analyst dan abrams. we're hearing various reports, none confirmed, about a bloody cricket bat and sealed boxes and syringes being removed from the home. >> everything we're hearing about this case, day by day, makes it worse and worse for pistorius. every detail we hear makes it harder to accept this notion that he may have thought it was an intruder and accidentally shot. so, everything from the possibility of any kind of bloody item to her being shot in the bathroom, through a wall.
7:33 am
every single detail is problematic this morning. >> and also, this morning, we're getting reports that both oscar's and reeva's ipads have been seized. what could investigators be looking for? >> the first was the how. now it's the why. they want to understand what might have happened in the house, how it happened, but why did it happen? what might have been the motivation? what might have set this off? >> and we're likely to see oscar stay behind bars, here's a bail hearing tomorrow? >> if what his family is saying is true, that wouldn't mean necessarily not guilty. possibility of manslaughter, a lesser crime. i think it's likely he'll remain in jail. >> all right, dan abrams, thanks so much. we appreciate it. now, to an exclusive interview with the woman who shocked the country when she claimed she was attacked by a stranger with acid.
7:34 am
her story took a bizarre turn when she admitted she made it all up. we want to warn you that some of the images in the report may be tough to watch. abc's abbie boudreau has her story. >> reporter: from victim. >> i could hear bubbling and sizzling, my skin. >> reporter: to villain. >> it makes me sick. >> reporter: three years ago, in vancouver, washington, 28-year-old bethany storro told police, out of nowhere, a woman threw liquid acid in her face. it turned out to be a hoax. storro did it to herself. in this exclusive interview with abc news, she's speaking out on camera for the first time. >> i made a mistake. and i hope that people forgive me. and give me a chance because i'm a good person. i promise. i am. >> reporter: she's hard of hearing. she said she had an undiagnosed case of body dysmorphic disorder. a mental illness that causes an
7:35 am
obsession over minor or unimagined flaws. >> i saw a monster. >> reporter: she said she turned to liquid acid to make it go away and to end her life. >> it was like fire to my face. i was so happy. i thought i found the answer. >> reporter: but she says when the pain became unbearable, she couldn't bring herself to drink the acid. >> i'm freaking out, like, this is not working. what am i going to do now? >> reporter: so she drove down the street and screamed for help. >> somebody screamed out and said, did someone do this to you? i said yes, and that's where it all began. >> reporter: she even gave police a fake description of her alleged aattacker. >> if anybody knows any information of the girl that did this to me and help find her. >> reporter: did you kind of
7:36 am
like all the attention with the cameras and microphone? >> yeah, i did. in that moment, i -- i felt like i was cared for and i mattered. >> reporter: two weeks passed before police pieced together the clues. and bethany confessed. >> and i'm so sorry to everybody. i really, truly am. >> reporter: in her new book, "facing the truth," she says she's starting to feel more comfortable in her own skin. >> ooh, it's hot. >> reporter: this is the new you. >> yes. >> reporter: this is you. now, no longer seeing the monster in the mirror. >> i'm sorry, it's hard. i'm still me. i'm still the same person, but better. you know. i'm getting better every day. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and we certainly wish her well. for more on her book, go to on yahoo! right now. time for another look at the weather. with our samuel j. champion.
7:37 am
>> we start with this pattern. every storm system that moves into the west gets dragged across the country. we got a brand-new one that's delivering big rains and snow to the west coast. it will move across the country. the snowmaker by the great lakes will move east as a little bit of a snowmaker as well. and each one of these will trigger severe storms in the southern part of the country. here's today's rainmaker -- jackson, memphis, chicago, louisville, the southern areas stay warm. raleigh, 50s. miami, back into the 80s. i know it's been a cold weekend. it will warm up in south florida tomorrow.
7:38 am
>> just looking at denver, early this morning. you also get a warmup over the next couple of days. all that weather brought to you by macy's, everybody. >> very active map, sam. get ready to meet the shark whisperer. why this young woman is getting so dangerously close to sharks. >> get out of the water. something dangerously close to sharks. >> get out of the water. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day.
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back now at 7:43 with the young woman being called the shark whisperer. nick watt has her remarkable story. >> reporter: holy moly. yes, you really are seeing what you think you're seeing. a great white shark, the most feared beast on earth, a killer. and a human with no air tank, no cage, no fear. and here she is. >> i understand that you know, it is dangerous. it's a wild animal. >> reporter: ocean ramsey is a hawaiian model/diver who can hold her breath underwater for 5 5:48. she means business. we've heard of the dog whisper. the eagle whisper. is ocean the shark whisperer? >> they're is understood and
7:43 am
misconstrued as ravenous, mindless man-eating machines. they're not. >> reporter: california just this week declared great whites the enzadangers species. >> shark! >> reporter: ever since "jaws" it's tough to generate sympathy for these animals. that is why ocean and the guy that films her are driven to jaw-dropping extremes. >> the biggest thing is to nail the shot. a beautiful diver and a greaseful shark swimming along. >> it's difficult to describe what it's like to have a great white swimming toward you or next to you. it's really breathtaking. >> reporter: we'll just take your word for that, ocean, we'll just take your word for that. for abc news, nick watt, los angeles. >> well said, nick.
7:44 am
incredible pictures. coming up, i'm sorry, i was looking at josh with a golf club. we have beyonce, like you have never seen her before. and our burfirst real, real clop of baby blue ivy. >> i do have a putter. and a golf ball. why do i? "play of the day." come on back. >> what happened to freeze it? ♪ "love" a collection by prabal gurung, exclusively at target. for a limited time.
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right then. here's "the play of the day." >> what could possibly go wrong? nine golfers, nine balls, one hole. take a look. >> two, one. >> oh, wow. >> that is incredible. >> no, way! >> that's amazing. >> students at the pga golf management program, trick shot, part of a monthly competition
7:49 am
between classes. they pulled it off. >> we're going to do it. >> let's go, let's go. >> 45, hurry, hurry, hurry. amy, go first. >> i'm not going first. >> pendulum, people. >> you want to go third. >> on your mark. >> wait, wait. >> on your mark, get set, go. >> oh! >> okay. that didn't look good. >> not so good. >> one more, one more, one more. everybody go. >> one, two -- >> i missed mine. >> yes! >> oh! >> we got two in, though. that's not too bad. >> no, that is terrible. >> let's see -- oscars, life of pi, samuel champion as a tiger. who is not coming back for that? ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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>> now, from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. san francisco fire investigators hope to know by tomorrow the cause of the suspicious fire at a treasure island apartment complex. ten-year-old girl was killed in the blaze. sever families were dismissed by the fire that break out saturday
7:55 am
morning. the mourners gathered to remember and support the grieving family. we will check in with mike nicco for the forecast. >> we have pockets of sunshine out there with temperatures compared to 24 hours ago, cool freeway san jose, and five degrees cooler to fremont at 13 degrees cooler. we are in the low-to-upper 50's with rain next time tomorrow. >> accident in hair, north 880 clearing out of the lanes and jackson on-ramp to southbound 680 in san jose with first reports of an injury accident there. kristen? >> the news continues with "good morning america"
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ i'm on top of the world, hey, i'm on top of the world, hey ♪ [ cheers and applause ] great and hearty crowd. right outside in times square on this presidents' day, as we wish you all a good morning, america. held throe robin, who, after a month-long time is now having the equivalent of a long
7:59 am
weekend. enjoy it, robin roberts. you're back two days from now. cannot wait for that. greet to have amy robach and paula faris here. great story ahead about fellow transplant recipients and what it takes to get back into the swing of things. to get their sense of normalcy back. >> can't wait for that. also, some treats to kick off the week. they're brownie batter doughnuts. the brownie batter is inside the doughnuts from dunkin' donuts. >> how does amy know that? how does amy know? >> they swoped the already eaten doughnut out. >> it was gone. consumed in seconds. maybe we should all taste them. >> they're really good. >> really good. >> if you're a person, who likes to eat batter, we're not supposed to say do it, because there's raw eggs. >> wow, debbie downer.
8:00 am
>> wet blanket. >> i love brownies. they taste like chocolate frosting. not the scary batter. really so good, right, amy? >> why aren't you partaking? >> because i'm on the oscar slim-down. i'm not going the lie to you. and i already has a bagel this morning. >> she's off the wagon. >> and we have emeril coming up. i'm anticipating inhaling food there. >> it's all about the oscar slimdown. >> we're going to talk about emeril and also leann rimes secret pain. why it stopped her from singing. she's taking her dentist to court, saying he's ruined her singing career. and beyonce, an up-close look at her and her project with jay-z, which would be little blue ivy. the first time we've got a good look that. >> a cute baby. >> really, really, really cute.
8:01 am
speaking of -- take a look. our first oscar nominated picture we're going revit is "the life of pi." as perhaps you have never seen it before. who exactly is george interviewing here? >> one of the big stars of the film. >> perhaps the biggest star of the film. >> many say it's an oscar nomination for this star. >> i'm frightened for that story. i'm hesitant there. good morning, everyone. we begin with new video just coming in from a raging industrial fire burning out of control in tampa, florida, at a metal recycling complex. the blaze filling the skies are shooting flames and black smoke. firefighters battling to keep the fire way from two diesel tanks. no injuries so far. police in arkansas say it appears troubled country singer mindy mccready died of a
8:02 am
self-inflicted gunshot wound. she was found on her porch, where her boyfriend apparently committed suicide just last month. potentially damaging evidence against olympic runner osc oscar pistorius. a bloody cricket bat was supposedly recoveraged from his house. there are claims he may have used steroids. his family insists he's innocent, saying he was giving steenkamp mouth to mouth before paramedics rooifd. gas prices skyrocketing coast to coast. the average price now, $3.73 per gallon, 14 cents higher than last week and 43 cents more than just last month. analysts blame the rising cost of oil and speculators on wall street. after a fierce backlash from
8:03 am
drinkers, the makers from maker's mark have changed their mind. they won't be watering down their bourbon at all. dy diluting it was a bad idea. some remember this last week, marco rubio diving for the bottle of water. now his political action committee is cashing in. started selling water bottles with rubio's name on them. they've already made $100,000. >> a game, like marco. >> rubio. >> very excited about the maker's mark thing. >> you guys where laughing. >> maybe a story that won't be told on "gma." >> might be told on "gma live." >> pop goes the news. let's do it.
8:04 am
good morning to you, everybody. boy, xwt silver linings playbook" has become the little movie that could. just broke the $10 million mark at the box office. this film, starring bradley cooper, robert de niro, and jennifer launs continues to gain momentum. it becomes the sixth of the nine nominees to join the $100 million club. oscar voting officially closes tomorrow. i believe, at 5:00 p.m. >> this is going to be some show. this year is going to be some, some, some show. >> one of the movies that has done remarkably is "life of pi." we have one of the big stars coming up today. exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. sam, give us a -- meow. bright titan aggressive
8:05 am
sexually. one critic is describing the clothing line of pop star rihanna. 120 items in the line, ranging in price. it was on a stage. it took place in a warehouse complete with smoke machines, booming hip hop, and lots of champagne. and leo dicaprio also in the news this morning. he's taking time off from movies to travel the globe. it appears he made a quit pit stop. he only had to memorize four words. cool bourbon. jim. beam. >> this is her favorite show ever. >> the ad, though, only airing abroad, where he hope he's relaxing somewhere with a nice glass of bourbon himself.
8:06 am
and finally, everybody. hope you enjoy this video. the sloth may not be known for its speed. that may change. patrick says this sloth fell from a tree into his boat in the amazon. after getting his bearings, he now has a need. a need for speed. look at him. he enjoyed the ride. that's the way she's shaped. he's fine. everybody is okay. sloth back in tree. totally loved it. hair back in the wind. they went on a nice boat ride. >> where's his life preserver and seat belt? >> oh, my gosh, followups are not allowed here. sloth fine. >> sloth okay. >> and that's "pop news." >> i love the sloth. >> i often feel like the sloth. >> real, bourbon. >> samuel j., are you outside?
8:07 am
>> oh, hi, everybody. it was 17 degrees the morning when this crowd -- go all the way to the end. go all the way to the end. when this crowd came out to see us this morning in times square on a holiday. and we're rocking the stove pipe hats. what is your name? >> mckenzie. >> where are you from? >> cocoa beach, florida. >> josh, did you see the hat? we should bring it back. later to be seen this week, josh wokking one of those. let's get to the boards. we had a live shot of chicago. we're going reinforce the fact that cold air gets pushed back down into the country this week. here comes the cold air. you may, may have already started feeling it even into the deep south. look at the numbers. 19, chicago, tuesday. wednesday, 22 degrees. this cold air gets solidly in
8:08 am
the northern area. southern areas get a chance to warm up. the west, a brand-new system working its way in. rain, snow, gusty wind. it will be a rough one ove [ cheers and applause ] >> we are -- we are just trying to stay warm here in times square. let's go back inside to lara, everybody. good morning, lara. >> thank you, sam. here's a look what is coming up
8:09 am
on our "gma" morning menu -- why leann rimes is suing her dentist, claiming he's ruined her career right now. and beyonce like you have never seen her before. and blue ivy. and robin's return. how fellow transplant patients got themselves back in the saddle. all that and more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. we're at walmart. it's tax refund time
8:10 am
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8:13 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine
8:14 am
all right. look at those brave souls out there. what is it, 17 degrees, sam? >> it was when they got here. back now with details on leann rimes, taking her dentist to court right now, claiming his work stalled her career. paula faris is back with the very latest on the story. good morning, paula. well, leann rimes says the gum inflammation, chronic gum bleeding happened over three years. she's claiming negligence on the part of her dentist. if you're wondering why you haven't heard the country krool crooning of grammy award winner leann rimes lately, she says blame her dentist. in a valentine's day lawsuit, the country singer is showing now love for the man behind her smile, dr. wayne mckay, saying
8:15 am
he placed eight faulty crowns that hurt so much that she had trouble chewing, singening, and talking. >> it's causing a lot of distress. >> reporter: she says the botched dental work took place over two years. she's rer cently undergone corrective treatments. including removing the faulty crowns and having nine root canals and having a tooth pulled. >> it would imagine it would be difficult and painful to perform at full capacity. >> reporter: he's been in and out of the headlines over the years. her relationship with her husband's ex, and her weight loss have been in the tabloids. her ability to perform as an artist has been and will continue to be compromised until all retreatment is complete. abc news was unable to reach her
8:16 am
former dentist. last fall, she hinted to the problems in a post to concerned fans on her website. i've had too detour this is year due to dental issues. i'm finally in great hands. i'll see you on the road very soon. she's seeking unspes fid damages for emotional and psychiatric injuries. she wants compensation for loss of earnings and future earning capacity. >> oh, wow. >> a lot of money. >> could be, yep. now we move on to beyonce. another star in the news, opening up like she never has before. revealing private details of life with jay-z and giving us a look at blue ivy. linsey davis is giving us a look. >> reporter: with her new documentary and sitdown with oprah, she gives us glimpses of
8:17 am
her life, her baby, and her bear stomach during the pregnancy. some say she still didn't reveal enough. >> look. >> reporter: it's one collaboration between beyonce and jay-z they haven't released a video of until now. they're 13-month-old daughter, blue ivy. her new documentary, "life is but a dream" shows a new side of the star. she touched on everything like firing her father as her manager. >> i felt like i had to move on. i don't care if i sell one record. >> reporter: to her love and admiration of jay-z. >> every year, i'm more in love with you. >> reporter: showing shoem videos. ♪ i want to be where you are >> reporter: and self-shot interviews of the grown-up, independent woman. she shows her vulnerable side.
8:18 am
>> stop pretending that i have it all together. and if i'm scared, be scared. ♪ hello, hello >> reporter: in an interview on the own network, she discusses excitement with oprah about her latest baby, her documentary. >> were you worried about overexposing wrours? >> yes. i battled with the edit. and in the end, i just jumped. ♪ you must not know about me you must not know about me ♪ >> reporter: just like her song, things she didn't reveal until now, like having the miscarriage before her daughter blue ivy. >> i flew back to new york to get my checkup. and -- no heart beat. >> you made a conscious choice to share that. >> i did. >> why? >> i felt like there are so many couples that go through that and it was a big part of my story.
8:19 am
i am 20 weeks. >> reporter: she shares her pregnancy. her 60-pound weight gain and those intimate moments with the baby girl at home. >> tell us about her. is she funny? shy? >> she is hilarious. and she is fire. >> reporter: through it all, she says her best production yet is her daughter. beyonce says she's definitely not stopping with blue ivy, telling oprah another baby might be in the cards after her fifth studio album and her upcoming mrs. carter world tour. she plans to bring blue ivy along to show her the world. she works two hours aday. the rest of the time -- >> they tell new parents you'll never remember your life after having a child. you can see it with her. oh, so true. hard to believe.
8:20 am
thank you for that. well, it's been five months since robin's bone marrow transplant. a long time for us to be without her each and every morning. in medical terms, it's considered a rapid recovery thanks to good health and great care. we're getting ready to welcome our friend back to "good morning america," less than 48 hours from now. wednesday morning. we talked to others on a similar journey getting back to normal after their transplants. >> hi, robin. i'm celebrating eight years post trant plant. >> this year, four years post trant plant. >> and i'm 3 years old. >> reporter: robin roberts is about to join a powerful team. this week, she'll join the ranks of survivors pushed to the edge. >> i just passed my sixth birthday. >> reporter: after extended periods of isolation, getting back to work is a huge milestone
8:21 am
for so many. and life post transplant often means a new normal. >> thank you. this month, i celebrate my third birthday. >> reporter: a leukemia diagnosis in 2009 for jennifer meant an abrupt suspension of her career. >> it's a part of my life. work is a part of my identity. i was anxious, frightened, concerned about whether or not i would lose ground. >> i'm a leukemia survivor. i had a stem cell trants plant three years ago. >> reporter: for schoolteacher asa, she had to stop doing things she enjoyed. like hiking. and mostly, it meant being away from a job she loved. >> the kids make you feel like you have a purpose. >> we have a load of dishes that need to come out. this year, i'm 7 years old. >> reporter: nancy was 7 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with mds.
8:22 am
she struggled to disconnect from an 80-hour work week. >> missed the people. seeing the customers and my staff. the trauma. >> reporter: during ill necessary aness and recovery, they yearned for the routine of work. >> i missed the camaraderie. my life became consumed with my illness. >> reporter: once patients get to okay, returning to work can be birt sweet. it means making big adjustments. >> i was fatigued easily. i could work a couple of hours, then go home and go the bed and sleep. >> i had to be careful not shake hands with people. >> reporter: transplant recipients often go back to work with a healthy dose of germaphobia and a modified work schedule. >> it was good to be back. >> reporter: simply being at work is a gift.
8:23 am
>> a breath of fresh air to not have the restrictions anymore. >> reporter: and soon the illness is in the rearview mirror. >> sometimes i think about the cancer. but i don't dwell on it. i have a new lease on life. i have a purpose. i'm moving forward. it feels good. >> welcome back, robin. take it from me, it's great to be back to work. but don't forget to take care of yourself. >> i wish you all the best as you adjust to coming back to work full time. i know you can do it. >> ah. >> all she wants, again, she's said often, is normalcy back. blessed normalcy back. wednesday morning, it all begins. >> it's great to see stories of people who are been through it, how healthy they look, how active and earn jettic they are. early on, people would share their stories, members of family, someone they knew, it was comforting to know they had
8:24 am
full lives afterwards. >> talking about being 7 years old, 2 years old. really special. >> five months. boy, she's ahead of schedule. and we cannot wait for wednesday morning to get here. still to come here on the program, meanwhile -- george sitting down with one big, r rambunctious star. >> huge, huge. >> you have never seen this before. >> never, oscar preview. go nowhere. you ever look at someone and think, boy, they look just like someone i've seen on tv? then we're talking to you. we're putting out a call across america to find the perfect "gma" look alikes. think you look like or know somebody who looks like robin, george, josh, lara, sam? the eye, the nose, the hair? maybe not they hair. do you know a "gma" match?
8:25 am
go to and send us your picture. >> now, from abc7 news , good morning, i am kristen sze. the price of oysters in california could rise as the local oyster company fails in a bid to save the business. the court of appeals will hear arguments from the business. the interior department allowed the company's lease to expire so the area to be returned to wilderness. the oyster company is expected to respond on thursday, the report says they account for up to 4 percent of oyster
8:26 am
production in the state. >> it is a holiday, president's day but there are still traffic issues. >> traffic mostly is light. we have an injury accident jackson on-ramp to southbound 680 and that is partly blocking the on-ramp, also, a stall out there for some time, right lane, north 17, and the bay bridge toll plaza, as we mentioned, holiday
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we are back with temperatures in the upper 30's around novato and 40's. in novato it is 51. headed to the afternoon we will have temperatures that will be below average again. we will have temperatures that will run in the mid-to-upper 50's. we will also have a chance of ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, somebody's favorite song. she'll be back in a couple of days. to sing it much better than any of us, as we welcome you, good morning, america. as -- i'm uncomfortable. paula faris, amy robach here. just ahead, getting into the
8:29 am
oscar spirit. how? we're counting down to sunday. all week, sitting down with our versions of the hottest oscar stars. i guarantee you, you have never seen a tiger quite like you're about to this morning. >> have you ever seen a tiger interviewed boofr? >> it's the big get, ladies and gentlemen. it's on "gma." >> george with the exclusive. guess what, dana delany is with us. the abc show, "body of proof" here with a sneak peek at the brand new season. >> lara and i, shoes to die for. they are unbelievable. >> just gorgeous. and our friend, emeril lagasse is here. one of our favorite -- boy, did we have a good time with you in new orleans. >> i'm still working it off. i haven't had a meal in two weeks. >> now it's mother's day breakfast in bed contest.
8:30 am
>> oh, hi. hey, there, heady, nice. we're going cook with em. we want you to tell us why your mom should win breakfast in bed this mother's day. he just might show up at her door and make it happen. we can't wait. abc has the oscars. we're the network with the in. we start our oscar coverage with our "gma" actor's studio. we're plunging into the back stories and the motivations of the characters. in the biggest movies of the year. let's start with the tiger from "the life of pi." look how george handles this. ♪ >> take one. action. [ roaring ] >> how did you get into character? >> a lot of stretching.
8:31 am
a lot of seafood. fish. i'm not a big boert, generally. i spend my time more horseback riding, really. for this role, i did a lot of sea-faring. learned some terms, port, starboard. port. one of those. >> this may not be comfortable. i heard reports you were difficult on set. >> what is difficult, really? >> okay, "life of pi" take one. >> what's my line? >> take 500. >> hair, hair! fix that one. that's better. yes. thank you. okay, fine, i was difficult. because this story is about the tiger, george. it's about that, not about some kid, the photography. really? you got this to work with and you're going to say how great the lighting was. >> bottom line, you going to win
8:32 am
the oscar? >> i don't know, george. i really don't do it for the award. i mean, for me, it's really about -- about the craft. but yeah, yeah, i'll win the osc oscar. >> take 47. >> milk? milk? people? milk? >> wow, unbelievable. unbelievable. >> the "gma" actor's studio, ladies and gentlemen. >> that was -- that was so much better than i ever hoped. >> yeah, to find out about all the other oscar-nominated films and make your picks on your oscars ballot, head to sunday, it's already, like sunday. >> yes, it is. this week. >> yeah. >> and you've got weather, too. >> i know you're -- >> i want to -- i just, no, i
8:33 am
missed the tiger. i miss it. >> that was like an hour in make f makeup for sam and it got better and better and better. >> was it a hot suit? >> there's so much more coming up. >> so many other costumes for you this week. and you really got into it, sam. >> a little too much, some would say. let's get to the boards. now they're yelling at me. we start with your twitter and facebook pictures. ann arbor, michigan. a gorgeous shot. a little bit of colorado as well. a lot of stuff happening today. an active storm pattern this week. a little bit of a snowmaker out of the great lakes. and into the northeast. this storm system that moves out of the west brings colder temperatures with it, along with clouds, rain, mountain snow. the entire west coast
8:34 am
involvement. a little reagan, texas, lincoln, nebraska, jackson, california. we like to get >> haul that weather was brought to you by sears. oh, josh? now to dr. phil, out with a brand new book, life codes for winning in the real world. it's a play by play about how to form a support system. our cameron mathison sat down with the good doctor. >> i'm so passionate about this book. you can't imagine. >> what are you hoping people get out of your life code? >> this is my eighth book.
8:35 am
i'm as excited about it as i was when i wre my first book back in the late '90s. i didn't intend to write this book. it wrote me, actually. my belief is, if the game changes, then the rules change. i mean, think about the explosion in the last generation of the internet, facebook, social media. things have changed in this world more than in any generation to generation that we have had in the last 150 years. so -- we have to have a new set of rules for our life. that's what this is all about. >> and implied in the title, life code and new rules for winning in the real world, is another way to say that is -- this is a playbook to happiness? >> it is a playbook to so much more than happiness, but yes. it is a playbook to effectiveness. it is a playbook to -- avoiding
8:36 am
disaster. and to do that, you have to be careful who you surround yourself with. so -- we have to -- pay attention to who we let next to us. and who we don't. this is a very action-oriented book on how to keep yourself and those you love out of harm's way and how to get more of what you want for you and those you love. very action-oriented. dots very close together. >> and ultimately leading us to happiness and other great situations. are you happy? >> if i was any happier, i would think it was a frameup. >> well, i got to make sure it works. i'm talking to the man, so -- >> don't i look happy? >> yeah, you do. thanks for your time. >> all right. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. coming up, one of our most popular contests is back. emeril's breakfast in bed. guess who is here with us? >> yeah, baby.
8:37 am
>> go nowhere.
8:38 am
8:39 am
it's time to honor those making a difference in your community. with disney time hometown celebration. why do they deserve to have some
8:40 am
disney time? characters you love brought right to your community. courtesy of disney parks. you might see yourself on tv on "gma." how is that for a celebration? go the on yahoo! to find out how to enter. back now at 8:41. in the kitchen with emeril. time for one of our favorite "gma" traditions, emeril's mother's day breakfast in bed. emeril will take his kitchen to her for an unforgettable morning. this morning, kicking off the contest. emeril is here to show us now make twoo of his favorite breakfast dishes. hi, em. >> how are you guys? >> let's talk about the contest. 13 years. this is 13. >> you're giving it away. >> no, i'm not. i want to make sure everybody has a chance to -- >> it's a lot of fun knocking on the door and surprising a
8:41 am
special mom. although, one year, we didn't, it was a dad. >> that's nice, though. >> it was. >> i love that. you're equal opportunity. >> and we'll just, like, make you a great breakfast. and have a great day. >> we have two examples you might be serving this morning. starting with a breakfast bread pudding. one of my favorites. >> a breakfast sausage or italian sausage, hot or mild. you want to brown it. add onion to it. add red pepper. you can use green, yellow, whatever. a little salt. and then basically, now, we're going use zucchini today. >> it's really fresh. >> small zucchini cut in half. we'll add them. once this sautes, kind of looks like this, what we have is cut bread. or english muff fuins as well. give me half of that in that
8:42 am
buttered casserole. >> cover the bottom, right? >> some thyme, parsley, margarine. >> look at you. >> josh, you have to work, too. >> i'll whisk. i get to whisk for a few more days. robin likes to whisk. for two more days, i'll whisk. >> you whisk. add cream or half and half. >> a lot of cream. >> and then chicken broth. >> this is just enjoy it, it's a luxury. >> look how many people it will feed. >> my favorite part is the emeril's army that creeps in unpresidentingly. >> now we'll add. >> what happened. >> did i burn you? >> yeah, just a bit. >> oh, come on. where? >> kind of on the -- >> will you?
8:43 am
>> slowly pour over there, 350 degrees is the oven. easy now. ooh, look at the technique. technique, easy now. nice job. >> he wanted to do a nice covering. >> use a greated mozzarella and parmesan cheese. >> and more of the bread on top. >> yes. >> bakes about an hour, an hour and ten minutes. >> it's amazing. >> we've created a crater. >> sam, remember when you were in new orleans, we went to cafe du monde? >> yes. >> the beignets? >> yes. >> i don't know what you're talking about. i have not had anything. i didn't eat one. >> you saved yourself, right? >> i did. i decided no doughnut because i wanted one of your homemade
8:44 am
beignets. >> i saw that. i was very proud of you. you had this bread pudding. >> how hard are these to pull off? the beignets? >> it's not hard. a fritter batter. flour, eggs, cream, or half and half. >> who is the lucky mother of children who is going to be having this? >> there's going to be a lucky mom out there. >> everybody go online. everybody has a chance to get in on it. for full details. >> on yahoo! right? >> come here, lara. >> are you okay? coming up, dana delany of "body of proof" is here. >> and those shoes. >> and the shoes! >> look at those shoes. fill them with beignets.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
robin roberts is coming back to the show. >> oh, my god. >> welcome back, girlfriend. >> hi, robin. welcome back. >> all: welcome back robin! >> welcome back, robin. >> robin, i love you, god bless you. >> we have missed you. >> we love you. ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey >> hey, robin. welcome back. >> all: welcome back, robin! >> this wednesday, robin's back. we're back now with dana delany. the star of abc's hit show "body of proof." the new season premiering tomorrow night. we're so happy to have dana here with a sneak peek. everyone's been raving about your shoes. let's put them in full display. kidnapping, terrorism, a plane crash, zombies, stealing organs. did miss anything?
8:48 am
>> exorcism. >> this is a clip of you and the new character, tommy sullivan, you meet again for the first time. >> this guy drank himself to death. >> that's what we figured. but we thought we would wait for the m.e. adam, say hello to dr. megan hunt. >> tommy. >> megan. >> you know each other? >> you have five seconds to tell me what you are doing here? >> they have a history on the show. you two have personal professional history, i should clarify that. >> yes, that was mark valley, we did a show called pass dean that 13 years ago. we played brother and sister. and now we're boyfriend and
8:49 am
girlfriend. >> a different kind of relationship. what is it like to be rite euni? >> it's great. he's a great actor, nice to look at. he challenges me. sometimes people are afraid of me. he's not. >> from what i understand, in terms of research for this role, you have gone autopsies. what was that like? >> i loved it. i've been to four. i found it fascinating. >> your ipad has helped you many times in terms of medical jargon? >> yeah, 12:00 at night, you're trying to learn the lines for the next day. you're like, what is hat? thank god for the ipad. >> you scoured the newspaper for plot lines or -- what have you found in your -- >> thanks to "the new york post" which has great stories. >> great headlines. >> it's one of our plot line this is year. about organ harvesting. >> of course that was in "the
8:50 am
post." how has the show evolved? this is the third season. >> this is the season of action. a lot of adventure. a lot of running in high heels. a lot more danger. think people will like it. >> speaking of heels, it's fair to say that many reviews have said you look like you're in a music video, flowing hair, flirty winks, boots, shoes that were made for walking or running. what does it feel to be a sex symbol. >> oh, my god. i haven't been called that in awhile, thank you. >> drink it in, drink it in. >> you tell me, what does it feel like to be a sex symbol? >> oh, no, no, no, no. you have a fantastic career. >> i can't complain. i just got offered a play. it's good. i don't sleep much. >> we're excited to see lots more of dana delany. thanks for stopping by. >> thank you. >> the new season of "body of >> thank you. >> the new season of "body of prys of walking
8:51 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable
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(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information today. ♪ burning like a fire ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful
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8:54 am
ah, but it's robin wednesday. in just two days. she just tweeted that scene, the segment about the women who walked the same road she has has made her more hopeful and excited about wednesday. i think it would be impossible to be more excited. >> we love you, robin. "gma" live just moments away. >> see you tomorrow, guys. now, get this, there's a cool new "gma" show. it's backstage live. what you don't normally get to see. just when "gma" on tv is over, something new begins. click over to the new "gma" live at on yahoo!. this is going to be so totally cool.
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8:56 am
8:57 am
>> now, from abc7 news , enjoy your holiday because a big change and in the works in the weather coming. mike nicco has the forecast. it is already cloudy. >> you can see it. you can see the berkeley hills and the cloud cover take over our neighborhoods this morning. the big story is temperatures are from three degrees cooler in san francisco to six degrees cooler in oakland and 13 degrees cool neither fremont compared to yesterday. we have highs in the upper 50's
8:58 am
inland and some sun this afternoon. two waves of rain tomorrow, one in the morning and one for the afternoon. sue? >> speaking of everyville, westbound 880 we have two cars with flat tires with c.h.p. on the scene with a tow truck and metal debris was in the lanes. you may find some residual slow traffic but it is moving nicely. > join us for a ♪ kelly: it's time. michael: definitely. it's time. time for a change. kelly: time to laugh. michael: time to be late. kelly: time to get together. michael: time to make some new friends. kelly: time to make some memories. it's time. yeah, it's time. yeah, it's t good times. kelly: great times. fun times.
8:59 am
michael: it's time to go to disney world. kelly: grab the mouse! announcer: from walt disney world, it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "two and a half men," actor jon cryer, and michael and the girls spend a magical day together in a fantasy land. plus, "vampire diaries" star kat graham sings for us. and don't miss the fun as two families go head-to-head in "live"'s disney family faceoff. and now, please welcome the cast from beauty and the beast, live on stage. >> it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you! >> ♪ be our guest, be our guest ♪

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